Castle Point Association of Voluntary Services


CAVS is always grateful for the generosity and support that many organisations locally provide to help with the delivery of our community events and projects.

Without the goodwill and kindness of sponsorship, CAVS would not be able to host the events or deliver the projects that they undertake each year.

Sponsorship is a great way to extend kindness into the community be it by raising funds, having staff involved in events or providing goods and services that support our projects.

CAVS events support those who are vulnerable, lonely or isolated, be they children or adults; we also host joyous occasions that recognise the wonderful work of volunteers and the difference that they make to bringing help, friendship and happiness where it is most needed.

Linking your business image to such good causes not only strengthens your brand but it also drives people to support those companies who are making a difference by helping others locally.

CAVS believes in mutually supporting those who are able to sponsor by raising awareness about their organisation and the good causes that they are involved in with us. If you are interested in knowing more about these opportunities, please contact our office and speak with the Chief Executive Officer.